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Domestic Affair Guidelines, 2016

The beginning point and the goal of this project are to make invisible domestic affairs visible. The reason why housework was invisible is because the value of the labor has been degraded. Or it could be slighted because the labor was invisible.


Thus, if household affairs are paid justly, I expect that labor will gradually become visible. In the short term, it will bring equality within the home and in the relationship. In the long run, I also expect to create equality of social and institutional works.


Unpaid means invisible, invisible means sacrifice in this issue. So this work experiments about the opportunities to make this invisible labor more visible, not only from the scale of an individual family or partnership but also to a broader societal perspective.


In arranging the cost of each labor duty, the partners will be able to find their fair-labor cost and ratio between them, their responsibility, and define the other partner’s labor and efforts clearly. In turn, this can influence healthy conversations for building a more equal relationship.


Domestic affairs, domestic work, housekeeping work, household work, ... etc. are all forms of unpaid responsible work which mainly rely on women’s labor. Therefore, in self-perpetuating cycle, domestic affairs reinforce gender stereotypes as well as influence and worsen the gender gap in labor outcomes.

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