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Family Tale, 2014

In patriarchal societies, ‘Family’ involves varied significations.

I experienced a lot, but the most violent word was ‘Familistic’. Many of the violence covered by the Familism.


When a man who was a famous publish company’s executive and high-ranked politicians caused sexual assaults, they requested for favorable arrangements to the public with the excuses: He said he eventually felt his victims like their daughters or grand daughters.


When Samsung neglected their industrial disaster victims while keeping crushing the worker's union in it, the company’s slogan was ‘Another Family’.


One of the worst examples is that, the president Park, Guen-Hye declaimed that when she was presidential candidate: I will take motherly care of my country.

Her mother was the dictator’s wife even. Silly but truly, now she taking motherly (actually her fatherly) cares of her country. In this example, the family means ambiguous situations.


I am interested these situations. Many of the irrationalities condoned by the ‘Family-ism’. So I wanted to make the contradictions like propaganda posters.

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