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Guideline, 2014

My generation is called ‘880,000 generation’; it means 880,000KRW($880) income per month.


The famous book title ‘It is hurt, so we are young.’ reflects the exploits from the older generations to us. Many of the talented young people just paid by ‘experiences’ than money, and the old generations think it is enough. We call it ‘passion reward’. I also experienced this trend several times.


All the talents and technics must be fair rewarded in any generations, in any society. Not only it distracts redistribution of wealth, it could also be considered as the violence of old ones, which now come to be called "Ancien Régime generation". This structure snatches many opportunities from the young people.


So I made my own guideline to use me for the people who need my technics and skills. Designing it in my taste to show employers and co-workers my preferred style and specifying my minimum pay. Also, I provided my portfolios when the clients want.


I made the guideline as the COPYLEFT for other young people, to spread this process that helps them keep their own rights rewarded.

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