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Virgin Kit, 2014

Still now, in a lot of societies, especially in Asian countries, women are repressed to keep their virginity.

A bride has to prove her broken hymen in her honeymoon. Anyone could be defined as a whore if she couldn't prove her virginity by doing so. This tradition results in many phenomenons like regenerating surgery of hymen. Like other superstitions, there is no scientific evidence between the virginity and hymen, though.


Actually, many of the women in the modern societies know their virginity is depended on their basic mindset and their love, but the old patriarchal societies still seed to believe in the superstitions.

I focused on those irrational situations and the women who need to prove their ‘hymen’. If they could buy their hymen like other necessaries from convenience stores, the society will stick to someone’s virginity still? So I made the virgin kit like an actual sale package.


Like condoms’ or sanitary napkins’ packages, I made the package small for portable usage. The individual small package could be hided in purses so easily.


It has four types of ‘Hymen Blood’ with a pictured instruction: I drew the processes of use cuts on paper first, and scanned it for digitalizing. It includes capsules of blood (red ink), a tube of blood, water-soluble films and a razor blade also.

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