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Fear, 2012



"Drawing is my first language.

I had to learn how to spend my time alone since when I was two.

Before I learned to write, I started explaining my world around me with drawing.


To me, drawing is a basic instinct to communicate.

From my early attempts, I realized text-based showings are self-devouring and easily boring.

Making physically formed and visualized contexts could induce people’s interests and give them more stories and unexpected perspectives.

I understood visualizing could be my way of speaking.

So I studied many kinds of media characters and visualizing grammars to cover my lack of technicalities of classical ways of arts. 


Illustration is not only a drawing or painting.

I think it has great potentials to be amultimedia-based representation about issues in our society.

My works start by navigating to expose the connivance of society, and endlessly reach out to help people engage with each other. 

I have a good grasp of media studies, and know how to incorporate that with multi-dimensional illustrations.

With the backgrounds and perspectives I have,

I will cause a stir to the major society against invisible repressions.

Of course, I will never satisfy with my works perfectly but I know I can improve the outputs continually through the further studies.

Ultimately, I can make little but meaningful changes and challenges of society."




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